Siri Saves 1-Year-Old's Life: Mother Uses Apple AI to Call Ambulance

Last March, an incident happened in Cairns, Australia involving a mother and her sick 1-year-old daughter, which could have ended with the child in grave danger. Fortunately, Apple's technology helped to quickly save the infant when every second of the situation was vital.

As reported by BBC, 1-year-old Giana was already suffering from a chest infection and bronchiolitis when she suddenly stopped breathing. Her mother, Stacey Gleeson, grabbed her iPhone and ran into Giana's room to help, but was shocked at the situation and dropped her gadget. Once Gleeson remembered that her phone had the "Hey Siri" feature, she ordered the AI to call an ambulance while she performed CPR to Stacey. When the ambulance came, Giana was already breathing.

While the infant has since made a full recovery, her doctors say that every moment was crucial during that time. There is no telling what could have happened if the ambulance was a few minutes later because Gleeson had to first perform CPR on her daughter or if Giana would have been helped in time if the ambulance was called in first. Meanwhile Gleeson said "Saving me the trouble of having to physically dial emergency services was a godsend."

This is not the first time that Apple has helped in emergency situations. In fact, some other incidents involving the company's products helping users, have been noted by 9 to 5 Mac - which only solidifies the health capabilities of Apple gadgets.

One such incident was when a teenager, Paul Houle Jr., noted his heart rate readings from his Apple Watch were abnormal. "After [football] practice I went and took a nap, my heart rate was still at 145... If my Apply Watch hadn't shown me it was 145, I would have done nothing about it." It was because of the reading that Houle Jr. went to the emergency room, where he discovered he had heart, liver and kidney failure.

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