Tesla Driver Blames Auto Pilot of Model X For Accident

Most auto makers are taking the leap into autonomous driving. In fact, a number of manufacturers believe that this is the future of cars and they are spending a lot of resources and time on developing this sub section of their industry. However, there are still dangers and technical errors are the risk and one Tesla driver is claiming that his unit sped up on its own, causing an accident.

According to The Verge, the driver, Puzant Ozbag said that his Model X "suddenly and unexpectedly" accelerated without human intervention and correspondingly crashed into a building while his wife at the wheel.

Ozbag is not the first to report on a Tesla vehicle crashing while on the autonomous feature, which means that Tesla has had to answer to these kinds of issues before. And just like the other times, Tesla is putting the blame back on the driver, arguing that their models are, at this point, not made to drive purely without human orders. Tesla units that are currently in the market drive on a semi-autonomous feature only.

In fact, Tesla claims that the Model X in question was neither on autopilot nor cruise control. In a statement released to Electrek, the auto company shared that they had reviewed the vehicle logs from the time of the accident and "confirm that this Model X was operating correctly under manual control." According to Tesla, the unit was merely following the actions of the driver, which made the unit jump from a slow 6mph to 100% accelerator capacity.

Despite the logs, Ozbag is sticking with his original story, arguing that his wife is an experienced driver and has parked in that exact spot hundreds of times before. Ozbag is waiting to hear from Tesla "whether or not the accelerator pedal can be depressed by the car electronically."

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