Google Plans Integration Of Android Apps On Chrome OS

At the 2016 Google I/O Conference, Google announced during its keynote that soon Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps.

According to Business Insider, this is a major upgrade for Chromebooks, transforming them for the first time to fully-capable computers. Users will be able to run apps on Chromebooks just like a regular Mac or PC.

At the I/O Conference, Google presented a demo to app developers, showing how running Android apps on Chromebook OS can improve the overall user experience. Once the apps arrive on Chromebooks, consumers will be able to purchase a good computer for about $200.

After integrating Android apps to the Chromebook OS, the Google Play Store will show up on the Chromebook computer's taskbar. Just like on a traditional Mac or PC, users will be able to download apps that work offline on their computer, download movies to watch offline or play games.

According to Science World Report, the planned integration of Android apps on the Chrome OS is divided into stages. The apps will be available by the fall, but for those who want to experience the integration sooner, Google made the ARC Welder tool available.

Android apps can be run right away on Chromebook with the help of the Google ARC Welder tool. This is a development software designed to be used together with Android apps.

Initial impressions after watching Google's presentation video are positive. The Android applications, including games, seem to running smoothly. However, users of the Google ARC Welder tool may not enjoy an experience as smooth as the one showcased by Google at the I/O conference.

In the growing world of technology, the integration of Android Apps to the Chromebook provides a different kind of expansion. For many budget-conscious consumers, this adds another kind of perk to a cheap Chromebook. Updates are expected to come in the following months.

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