Enjoy 'GTA 5' Update Fully By Having $1.5M In-Game Cash; New DLC To Feature VIP Missions

The new "GTA 5" DLC entitled "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" is now out and ready for download. But in order for fans to fully enjoy the content, they need to have a whopping $1 million in-game cash. After all, it has new features like VIP missions that are worth playing for.

"Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" is believed to be the largest "GTA 5" update from Rockstar Games. It is now available throughout all gaming platforms -- from Xbox One to PlayStation to PC.

However, according to Express, players need to have at least $1 million in-game money to fully maximize the content. Why? That is because "GTA 5" gamers need to have an executive suite, so as to unlock perks and stuff.

The said suite is said to cost around $1 million, which is the cheapest one available. And "GTA 5" players should note that this price does not come with added upgrades. Nonetheless, it would be enough for them to experience new missions and/or adventures.

Once the executive suite is set, players can now keep their illegal activities up and running. And in order for them to be successful, they will have a team of seasoned associates. Deluxe suite, on the other hand, arrives with a full-time assistant, boardroom, helipad, Gun Locker (an optional storage space) and the so-called "Don't Cross the Line" arcade game.

Meanwhile, IGN notes that the VIP system is further improved in the latest "GTA 5" update. It is worth noting that the aforesaid system was first introduced in the "Executives and Other Criminals" DLC.

The new VIP system in "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" has a number of features to offer. From becoming a CEO to acquiring special items to riding new vehicles, these are all well-covered. As for becoming a CEO, "GTA 5" players will be given access to boatloads of illicit money and, of course, challenges.

The size of the new "GTA 5" update is reportedly around 1.3GB, but it really depends on the platform it will be downloaded to.

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