Lamborghini Aventador SV: Beautiful But Too Expensive Even For A Luxury Car?

The Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce is an incredible, expansive and exotic supercar that can run up to 200+mph. This luxurious supercar is the new subject of Vitesse AuDessus, a team of US-based specialists of exotic materials known as Savile Row, which provides carbon fiber treatment for supercars.

After McLaren unveiled its carbon fiber finished MSO Carbon Series LT, Lamborghini announced that its Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce Roadster will have the same naked carbon-fiber treatment, according to The Malay Mail Online.

In its decision to provide a carbon fiber makeover to the already carbon fiber-trimmed supercar, Lamborghini CEO Stefany Sanchez stated, "There is no doubt that the Superveloce is an absolutely stunning supercar. One of the car's few aesthetic failings lies in the use of highly visible plastic bodywork. Several SV owners approached us seeking a carbon fiber option for these parts, namely the lower front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser and mirrors."

Nevertheless, the company also announced the availability of carbon fiber wheels and carbon roof in different styles. Sanchez explained, "Our wheels are the lightest and strongest wheels available on the market today. By shedding more than 25kg of unsprung weight, our wheels markedly improve acceleration, handling and fuel economy."

In related news, CarBuzz rumors that the Maryland-based Vitesse AuDessus provides their carbon fiber aesthetic services depending on preferences and budget available. Those who are looking to save money to upgrade their supercar can select the available Essentials Carbon Package that costs $1,750, and which adds new wing mirrors, front splitter and rear diffuser.

Also offered is the Extended Carbon Package that integrates an exposed carbon fiber hood which lets you add another $6,750. The most expensive offering of Vitesse AuDessus is the Veneno-inspired carbon fiber wheels which amount to $25,000. The carbon fiber themed wheels are supposedly 55 pounds lighter and weights lesser than the standard wheels equipped on the standard Lamborgini Aventador SV.

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