'Overwatch' Update: Blizzard Elaborates 'Leaver Penalty'; Manchester United To Hire eSports Team For The Game?

"Overwatch" is one of the most successful multiplayer games today. But of course, not all players understand all the game's rules and whatnots. One best example is the so-called "Leaver Penalty." Thus Blizzard took the liberty to explain it. Meanwhile, the internationally acclaimed football organization Manchester United is believed to be hiring an eSports team for the game.

The XP penalty - commonly known as "Leaver Penalty" - has been a source of confusion and frustration among "Overwatch" players. Basically, when their leave percentage across the recent 20 games are high compared to Blizzard's threshold, they will receive a warning. The said warning can be seen at the bottom-left of their screens.

Usually, such circumstance involves inactivity kicks and disconnects. The latter may seem cruel, but "Overwatch" developers can determine if the disconnection was due to the servers. And if only if this is the case, players will not be receiving any penalties.

According PC Gamer, if "Overwatch" players go beyond the threshold, they will eventually receive an XP reduction of 75 percent. And unfortunately, it is not time-based, as the penalty will only be removed if their leave percentage falls back in the last 20 games.

Moreover, if they choose to leave prior to the completion of "Assemble" phase, no penalty will be issued. It holds true as well to "Overwatch" players who leave either during the victor or defeat screen.

In related news, Kotaku reports that the titular football club Manchester United is poised to hire an "Overwatch" eSports team. The said football organization is among a number of bidders (which include the rumored German-based football club Schalke and Fnatic) looking to sign an unnamed team.

Although Manchester United will not really be the first to venture to the eSports realm, they are by far the biggest in the industry to do so. It is safe to say that they have boatloads of money and resources to fund an "Overwatch" eSports team.

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