Microsoft Fixes 'Fallout 4' Free To Download Error On Xbox One

For a brief period of time, "Fallout 4" and its DLC became free on the Xbox One store. While it could have been made plenty of fans happy, it was in fact an error. It was later found out to have been a result from the store's scheduled maintenance.

According to VG247, Bethesda's "Fallout 4" made huge waves on the Xbox One store, after it became free to download. In fact, it even included the game's downloadable content. The titular action role-playing video game's price plummeted to $0.

In a short span of time, fans were able to acquire the game, confirming what appeared to be a free-for-all extravaganza. Many believed that it was a surprised treat from Bethesda in preparation for the E3 hype. But of course, it is quite hard to suffice how the entire "Fallout 4" game as well as its add-ons could be part of a promotion of sorts. Simply put, it was an offer too good to be true.

Later on, it was confirmed to be an error. The store was reportedly undergoing a scheduled maintenance, with the mistake being the result of it. A representative from Microsoft revealed the error, stating that the issue has been resolved. Consequently, the prices went back to normal.

As of this writing, as reported by Polygon, "Fallout 4" and all of its add-ons are now deemed "Not Available." And much to the dismay of fans, they can no longer download the game for free.

The tech giant's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb said that the prices for "Fallout 4" have been restored accordingly. And that while they loved the enthusiasm it brought, a mistake is still a mistake.

As for those who downloaded "Fallout 4" for free, expect them not to arrive at your doorsteps. Even the deluxe edition of the game will also be removed under its corresponding licenses automatically.

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