Apple To Unveil AI And iOS Plans At WWDC 2016

According to tech experts, Apple is expected to showcase Mac iOS 10 and unveil artificial intelligence (AI) plans at its WWDC annual conference that will start today in San Francisco.

The Independent reports that in the fast-growing artificial intelligence field, experts believe that Apple will use its annual conference to announce plans to compete with Facebook and Google. The high-tech company will also unveil an updated MacBook laptop line and a new version of its Mac iOS that powers the iPad and iPhone.

Apple's WWDC 2016 conference, which starts today in San Francisco, will be used by the company to showcase an updated version of Siri, the virtual, voice-activated personal assistant. The software is expected to be expanded in order to be integrated in a broader range of apps.

According to Forbes, Siri was first out with a mobile agent, but now Google Voice/Now/On Tap, Amazon with Alexa and Microsoft Cortana all have agents. The competition is very high in this field that lately has become very trendy.

Recently, both Facebook and Google have announced their plans to focus on their artificial intelligence products. Facebook will introduce intelligent "bots" to Messenger, while Google plans on improving its software.

Technology analysts expect that Apple will discuss its own plans for development in the AI field. It has been speculated that part of the Apple update could also be a new app for controlling smart home products.

It is a very tough challenge for the major companies creating artificial intelligence chat bots and digital assistants to convince users to ditch their keyboards. The AI system needs to determine the words that are said, their context and their meaning in order to finally getting the right response.

If Apple wants to assess the superiority of its Siri AI digital assistant then it should show at this year's edition of developers conference more in-context capabilities to take consumers to the end of a request or transaction. Siri should be able, for instance, to search for movie times then get tickets or to search for the restaurant then make a reservation. 

Apple should also provide Mac integration for Siri in order to offer Amazon Echo-like capabilities. The benefit of an artificial intelligence agent on a Mac is huge memory and processing capabilities as well as microphone placement. 

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