WhatsApp Now Allows Users Quote Messages In Group Chats

WhatsApp has finally introduced a new feature, which gives users the ability to quote messages, making replying in group chats relatively easier.

According to News18, when multiple users are exchanging messages in group conversations, it could be particularly difficult to trace back the message directed at you and reply to it without losing the track of ongoing conversation. WhatsApp has introduced a new "quote" feature in order to make it easier to reply.

The new feature allows users to mark any message in a group chat, to quote and send a specific reply to the intended users. These characteristics make the new "quote" feature similar to replying to emails.

In order to quote any message, users have to simply tap, hold on the message and then hit reply. A quoted reply will be sent as response. Users can even scroll up to the original message by tapping on the quoted part of the message.

The new feature has been implemented in the latest versions of WhatsApp app, version 2.16.95 for Android and version 2.16.6 for iOS. However, according to Engadget, it is unclear if every user already has access to it.

The experimental feature first came out on Saturday, June 11, on the Android app's beta version 2.16.118. According to NDTV, WhatsApp already began rolling the feature out to the general public. The new update is not available for download on Google Play or iTune, but users have reported that they were able to quote messages on their stable apps version 2.16.6 for iOS and version 2.16.95 for Android.

In order to find out if you have access to it, you have to simply press for a few seconds on the message you want to respond to, until the action bubble/bar pops up. You should find a new option that looks like the arrow typically associated with reply, located next to star, trash, copy and forward.

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