FromSoftware Develops New Titles, But Still No 'Dark Souls 3'

People following FromSoftware should be happy knowing that the studio is working on three new titles. Sadly, a follow up to "Dark Souls 3" will not be among those titles. Yes, the team behind the popular franchise has no intentions to release a new "Dark Souls" game in the future.

According to GameSpot, "Dark Souls 3" developer FromSoftware has a lot of things to work on. The company's president Hidetaka Miyazaki broke out the news and confirmed that his team is developing three new games.

Sure, fans can continue hoping for a "Dark Souls 3" follow up. However, it is best if they will not. The Tokyo-based video game company has no plans of developing another title in the highly celebrated series as of yet.

Nonetheless, one of these upcoming titles is believed to be an action role-playing game. And surprisingly, it has a dark fantasy setting, which is akin to what "Dark Souls 3" has. This new title, on the other hand, is quite different from what the studio usually develops. Hence, it could offer a new perspective, one that is far from the shelves of titles the studio has.

The third one is said to be part of the "Armored Core" series (a franchise that is also quite far from the structure of "Dark Souls 3"). It is worth noting that the latest installment in the "Armored Core" series was launched way back in 2013. It was called "Armored Core: Verdict Day."

Meanwhile, Kotaku reports that the first "Darks Souls 3" DLC will be released in Japan this fall, with the second expansion being made available early next year. The downloadable contents are reportedly following the same pattern that FromSoftware has unleashed in the past. But then again, as for any sequels or spin-offs, none of them will be made.

The good thing, however, is that Miyazaki did not fully close the doors for a possible "Dark Souls 3" sequel. He mentioned about the series being put "on hold for a while," as they are focusing on new developments. After all, they are not entirely a "Dark Souls" company.

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