'Mass Effect Andromeda News': Main Protagonist's Identity Revealed!

“Mass Effect Andromeda” was one of the first big game titles revealed at the EA Play 2016 live event held recently and now the latest on the ambitious exploration game is the identity of the main character.

“Ryder” will be the main protagonist for “Mass Effect Andromeda”, a game that was originally set for release this year. The name is nothing new for the ones closely monitoring “Mass Effect Andromeda”, having spotted the “Ryder” name through a dog tag via IGN.

Those rumors have now been confirmed no less by “Mass Effect Andromeda” producer Michael Gamble with creative director Mac Walters adding that “Ryder” can be played either as a male or female via Twitter.

While that confirmation should be one less thing to worry about, “Mass Effect Andromeda” has more ground to cover. That includes the names of the “Asari” and “Krogan” squad members though more updates could be brought forth before the game officially comes out.

A brand new trailer for “Mass Effect Andromeda” did come out at the E3 2016 spin-off conference though it covered mostly about things to expect that actual gameplay.

With that out, the revelation of “Mass Effect Andromeda” somehow comes a bit short considering many have seen the previous trailers and were looking for more things that they could do in-game as pointed out via Alphr.

As mentioned in a previous post here at iTech, original aspects that included a salarian, player's biotic abilities, the M35 Mako, the Citadel and the a ship that looks a lot like Commander Shepard's Normandy.

With “Mass Effect Andromeda” expected to be a large-scale free and open galaxy world to check out, gamers are more interested on what lies ahead for them once they get their hands on the game.

For now, gamers will have to wait a bit more with “Mass Effect Andromeda” slated for release by the first quarter of 2017.

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