Can The Iconic Harley-Davidson Brand Really Produce An Electric Motorcyle Worthwhile?

As more automakers eye for a greener environment and compete in producing the cleanest electric cars, the popular motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson has decided to join the fray. Harley-Davidson's Sean Cummings, executive senior vice president, said that an electric model of their brand will arrive in five years.

The first electric motorcycle for the brand was showcased in Harley's Livewire project, wherein a fleet of 40 motorbikes were featured in dealerships across Europe and North America.

A report on this was shared by Engadget which reads that the electric LiveWire motorcycle project showed off Harley-Davidson's interest of producing its own electric bike as told by Sean Cummings during his chat with Milwaukee Business Journal.

Cummings also said that the electric Harley would be available in 2021. Though he does not provide any clues regarding what their new e-bike will entail, he said that it won't bear any resemblance to the 2014 Livewire.

An Autoblog report stated that aside from hinting on how the new electric bike will look, one thing that holds the idea of producing the new electric bike is the battery technology. In order to acquire needed range for the experimental machine, adding more battery is required. 

Harley has to come up with the idea of holding its battery packs without making their conceptualized electric bike look ugly or not maneuverable enough to ride. In order to do such, the battery tech needs to improve its energy density as well as the needed space for its storage.

Autoblog also added that the challenge for Harley-Davidson is to somehow come up with a good looking e-bike that other manufacturers have struggled with. The new e-bike may not be as good looking as other motorbikes in terms of appeal.

But having a design language significant to the heritage of Harley-Davidson would be appealing enough and accepted by enthusiasts who love the freedom of riding motorcycles.

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