Google Project Glass a New Form of Photography, Says Google Cofounder Sergey Brin

At the Google Plus Photographer's Conference, Google discussed Project Glass - the wearable, heads up display. Google talked about how the technology can create photographic opportunities, and is introducing a new type of camera.

Max Braud, Tech Lead for Project Glass, came out on stage wearing a Glass prototype. He said one of the functions being tested for the device was taking pictures. He showed a small, low resolution picture - the first taken by the Glass prototype - and then followed up with a larger, high resolution picture of a person holding a child.

Braud added the camera is still in development and "constantly improving," and said the second picture probably wouldn't have been taken with a smartphone. Google employees are testing Glass in public, and Braun showed numerous pictures from the tests: a man running, and a picture with a man leaning down after a run trying to catch his breath. "Often they would express something that would have been very hard to express otherwise," Braud said.

"We see Glass as an evolution of cell phone photography. It's the next step of the camera that's always with you," Braud added. He added photos taken with Glass are fast, capturing moments as they happen.

Braud also touched on Glass' unique perspective, giving the technology a wide field of view and creating the impression that someone viewing a picture is at the location. Photos can also be shared from Glass.

"[..] We started seeing a lot of family pictures that had a certain special quality to them. We think this is because Glass lets you focus on what's important in your life," Braud also said. A video was taken with Glass, showing someone performing backflips on a trampoline. Braud also showed photos taken by him in the dark.

Google cofounder Sergey Brin briefly came on stage. On Glass, Brin said he wanted the "creative genius" for ideas on the device. He said some people have been taken back to Google on the device. Brin showed a photo of him standing for photos, though he "turned the tablets" by taking a photo of the other people.

Watch the YouTube video of the conference from about 48 minutes in for talk on Project Glass, and Brin's appearance:

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