Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers Support Google Now And Siri

By Victor Thomson , Jun 22, 2016 05:38 AM EDT

Ultimate Ears update their Bluetooth speakers Boom 2 and Megaboom with support for quick access to Google Now and Siri.

According to 5To9Mact, the popular Bluetooth speaker company Ultimate Ears (UE) announced on Tuesday, June 20, that it is adding Google Now and Siri integration to its Bluetooth lineup of speakers. Users will be able to access with this feature music directly from the speaker.

Users of the UE Boom 2 or Megaboom speakers will be able to access Google Now or Siri by simply pressing the Bluetooth button on their speaker and using voice commands to ask their respective voice assistant for the song their want to hear. The feature will work the same as the voice assistant on the smartphone.

The UE Bluetooth devices can relay any voice commands to a connected iOS or Android handset. Users can access locally stored music as well as streaming services including Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music.

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears, said that music lovers can enjoy now playing their favorite song even while driving. She added that no matter the situation, with Google Now and Siri voice integration on UE Megaboom and UE Boom 2, users no longer need to pick up their smartphone to search for music.

With support for Siri and Google Now, the Ultimate Ears speakers can be used for doing anything that the digital assistants are capable of, like checking the weather or sending text messages. In order to use Google Now or Siri via the UE Megaboom or Boom 2, users need to download the latest version of their speaker's app from the App store. This update will become available very soon, according to Ultimate Ears.

According to the Verge, this might seem as just a simple feature, but it is one that really adds much to the speakers' utility. Both the Megaboom and Boom 2 are IPX7 water-resistant, so users can take them by the pool or on the beach. Now they can select new music without having to endanger their handset or dry their hands.

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