iPhone 7 News And Updates: Headphone Jack Back On The Table; Launch Moved To 2017?

By Adie Pieraz , Jun 23, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Apple has been generally mum on the specs of its upcoming iPhone 7 series. Naturally, this has left many tech enthusiasts to make educated guess on the new device from Apple. And while many of the guesses sound to be good developments from the current ones on the market - absent headphone jacks and bluetooth earphones included - some of these are now being debunked.

The rumors on Apple dropping the headphone jack started when images of the iPhone 7 were leaked. In the images, the jack was missing, which many to speculate that Apple had designed Bluetooth earphones to come with it.

But according to Express UK, Apple will be keeping the 3.5mm headphone port. Dropping the jack was meant to make more room inside the unit for Apple's other features. But it looks like the mechanism is meant to stay. Despite the iPhone 7 series being 1mm thinner than the current iPhone 6 series, Apple is keeping the standard port.

The release of the next series from Apple may be in 2017 still, as reported by Phone Arena. Reportedly, Apple is saying the "7" name for next year, which will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

However, Apple is meant to release a new unit by this September. What they will be called is up in the air right now, but the publication argues that this makes sense. Mainly, this is because very few changes will be made from the current 6 and 6s series to the one arriving in the market on September.

Tech enthusiasts believe that Apple will be changing up the cycle of their phones to 3 years. This will allow Apple to incorporate major changes in their flagship devices, particularly the iPhone 7 series. What this could mean for the upcoming series are glass backs and OLED displays with embedded fingerprint sensors. 

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