Dragon Ball Updates: ‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 49 Brawls On The Rise; ‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’ Release Date Brews Dismay?

The epic series "Dragon Ball" presses on with both its anime and gaming segments. For "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49, it revealed the possibility of brawls between Son Goku and Black Goku. With the skirmish at bay, many notions are surging on who has more stamina and power. As for its gaming segment, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" might boast of grand features but its release date brews scrutiny.

The legacy and epic time of the Super Saiyan is clearly not ebbing away. According to Game N Guide, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49 predictions have escalated along with the possibility of Son Goku and Vegeta dying.

The threat that Black Goku has rendered in the forthcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49 is not an ordinary one. If Black Goku is not defeated, it might result in devastating outcomes such as the numerous deaths and destruction of the world.

As noted by the same post, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49 would depict Son Goku and Vegeta attaining Super Saiyan God form mode to counter the attacks of the Black Goku. As for the lineage of Black Goku, rumors have emerged that Beerus, a god of destruction, was the one that created the villain so that he could bring back Universe 6's Planet Earth to its former glory and life.

Given the gravity of the threat, it may seem that Son Goku and Vegeta are in for a hopeless fight. However, for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49, the two heroes would receive the help of another powerful and mythical creator.

Rumors have it that a character named God King Zamasu would make an appearance in the next "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49. It is believed that with Zamasu's help, Son Goku and Vegeta might stand a chance in defeating the Black Goku.

On a different note, while the anime segment is gearing for another epic battle, its gaming counterpart is facing varying speculations. iTech Post has relayed that "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" is speculated to offer massive changes in its gameplay but its release date is brewing scrutiny for from the gamers.

For the fans and followers of the "Dragon Ball" legacy, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 49 is slated for airing on Sunday, June 16, through Fuji TV. As for its gaming counterpart "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2," no precise date has been rendered as of the moment.

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