'Elder Scrolls 6' Specs, Features & Updates: Bethesda Wraps Development for PS4 and Xbox One; Release Date Still A Blur?

It remains uncertain on whether Bethesda is finally wrapping the "Elder Scrolls 6" up for the game to enter the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Also, many are wondering why the release date for the gaming segment is still a blur.

The recently revealed specs, features and updates for "Elder Scrolls 6 seem to hint at promising elements for its release. However, with the unconfirmed release date, Bethesda's legacy is being questioned and scrutinized.

According to Express, Bethesda has confirmed the "Elder Scrolls 6" game to release on PS4 and Xbox One platforms but other details have been left out. Given the reality that Bethesda was able to showcase strong presentations during the E3 event, Bethesda's affirmation to release its "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" Special Edition has also fueled the fire.

While the other segments have been confirmed for release and completion, the "Elder Scrolls 6" would not be heading in that same direction. For one, even the creators have relayed that making the "Elder Scrolls 6" game is not an easy task.

For the creators, creating the "Elder Scrolls 6" game would take ample time to complete it and the timeframe is not enough to ensure finalization for the specs and features of the game.

Even Pete Hines, the executive of Bethesda said, "We aren't working on TES6 at the moment," and that the release of the "Elder Scrolls 6" on the gaming stalls would still be "years and years away." It appears that the creators' still has a long way to go before the "Elder Scrolls 6" reaches the gaming arena.

A former article published by iTech Post has revealed that the gamers have been voicing their dismay for the prolonged release of the "Elder Scrolls 6" game

It stands to reason that the "Elder Scrolls 6" would not render its light and stunning gameplay within this year and it remains uncertain on when the precise release date would be.

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