The Internet Of Things Gets $9M Sponsorship From GE, Ericsson

The Internet Of Things is presently being developed and a startup from Seattle is helping move things along. has been founded to help developers control and monitor the work activity being done on devices connected through the internet. This practice is called the Internet of Things devices.

According to The Seattle Times, the startup has just received an investment of about $9 million. This money is coming in from a collection of companies including GE Ventures, Ericsson, Aspect Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ). Resin's system allows companies to manage their softwares with efficiency and allows them to quickly update numerous internet-connected devices at one time. This is possible from the smallest new features to the bigger security patch updates.

The company will use the money to hire more staff and build on their technology. Currently, Resin only employs about 30 individuals. As for developing their current technology, Resin hopes to add functionality to its products as well as make the same applicable to a wider range of gadgets.

Geek Wire adds that Resin's products currently work as retailers use a centralized industrial lighting system. This system allows the manufacturing companies to track things as they happen, such as inventory and sales.

This type of technology is expected to become increasingly relevant as the number of internet-connected devices continues to increase. In fact, by 2018, the number of internet connected devices is expected to be overtake the number of PCs, phones and tablets combined. Even with this expectation, there are currently only 600,000 developers working on the embedded systems powering these types of devices, including Resin. For comparison, the number of web developers and mobile developers are 8 million and 9 million respectively.

"The market can't grow unless technology lets mainstream developers build for devices," shared Bryan Hale. Hale is currently Resin's president.

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