Microsoft Adds New Titles To Xbox One Backward Compatibility; 'GTA 5' Rumored To Be Included?

As previously reported, tons of games are coming to Xbox One backward compatibility come July. Although Microsoft has been releasing updates from time to time, the end of the month proves to have brought the biggest news. The tech giant has reportedly unleashed a bigger list of titles coming to the said console, with "GTA 5" rumored to be part of it.

Just a week ago, the list of Xbox One backward compatibility games coming next month were named. The cult-classics "Portal 2" and "Left 4 Dead" are both already confirmed for July.

Moreover, as reported by Game & Guide, some other interesting titles are arriving to to Xbox One backward compatibility list. From the highly celebrated "Babel Rising" to "Anomaly Warzone Earth" to "Brain Challenge," all these titles are slated to arrive to the aforesaid feature next month. Also, making it to the list are "SEGA Bass Fishing," "XCOM: Enemy Within," "Lazy Raiders," "Foul Play" and "Monopoly Plus."

As for the much talked about "Red Dead Redemption," unfortunately," it will not be part of the Xbox One backward compatibility list. In fact, not even a shadow of it is seen in the feature. The said title has already appeared on the popular feature long before although the company has to pull it out from the Xbox One Store later on).

Express, on the other hand, reports that "Fallout: New Vegas" is deemed as the latest entry to the ever-growing list of Xbox One backward compatibility list. And, if in any way possible, "GTA 5" is believed to be included. If so, lots of fans of the crime-themed game will surely be enthused.

As of this writing, Microsoft has yet to reveal an end-date for Xbox One backward compatibility. This mean that a number of games could still possibly arrive to the feature, until the company says so.

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