3 Reasons To Support The NuAns Neo Windows 10 Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier this year, the NuAns NEO hit the Japanese market. Running on the belief that handsets running on Windows 10 are not nearing their end, the company has started a Kickstarter campaign to bring its phones to the international market.

According to Engadget, NuAns is raising $725,000 so that it can purchase different components. These components are meant to make the unit work anywhere else in the world and not just in Japan. Though there may be some hesitation towards a smartphone that runs on Windows 10, there are plenty of reasons to support it.

1. NuAns Neo Specs

Parent Herald notes that the NuAns NEO Windows 10 mobile has a 5-inch screen which has an anti-fingerprint coating and has a 1280 x 720 feature display. The unit is powered on a 1.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 617 chipset.

It also runs on 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. For those that will need more memory, there is a miniSD card slot available, which is compatible with as much as 128 GB of external memory.

The camera is 5 megapixels at the front and 13 megapixels in the rear. The battery is reportedly good for the entire day as it is 3350mAh. The NuAns NEO also sports a USB Type-C port and even supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0, according to Digital Trends.

In addition, the NEO supports near-field communication, which is a feature that will definitely come in handy since as Microsoft Wallet will be available by this summer.

2. NEO's Design

The NEO is a little thicker than most smartphones that are currently in the market, but it does offer interchangeable back halves. Users can choose between wood, suede and ostrich finishes. It is 141 x 74.2 x 11.3 mm across and weighs just 160 grams.

Other than the two-tone panels available, the back panels are also available in a Flip option. The Flip option acts like a wallet case that could double as a stand for the NuAns NEO.

3. Windows 10 NEO Price

The NuAns NEO Windows 10 mobile phone is expected to release this November, starting at a low price of $270.00.

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