'Pokemon Go' Update: Servers Go Down, As Niantic Goes After Illegal Downloaders; Here Are The Permitted Regions For The Game

When "Pokemon Go" went live for in some select countries, lots of fans went totally crazy over it. After all, it somehow gives the excitement of catching a Pokemon in real life. However, Niantic noticed people hailing from unpermitted areas downloading and playing the game. Hence the servers were temporarily shut down, as the studio opts to distinguish illegal players to impose penalties.

Supposedly, "Pokemon Go" is only available in New Zealand, Japan and Australia. Other than these, the game cannot and should not be accessed. However, unknowingly, an APK file for the title was generated and made available for download. As a result, people from all over the world gained access to it.

With what is happening, Niantic decided to lock down all servers, including the ones in the aforementioned permitted countries, as reported by Game & Guide. This is why there are reports of "Pokemon Go" fans not being able to play the game, even those in the permitted countries.

It could also be due to the "Pokemon Go" servers being overwhelmed. That downloads and activities are just too massive to handle. However, Niantic already iterated that the game was made available to a handful of regions on purpose, since the game's servers are yet to be fully ready, thus the access needs to be limited.

Moreover, in a tweet by Twintendo, the studio advised all illegal "Pokemon Go" users to delete the app as soon as they can. The company along with Nintendo are reportedly planning to ban the said users (as well as their respective accounts) from playing the game.

This means that if a "Pokemon Go" user downloaded the game outside of Japan, New Zealand and Australia. More so if the game is not downloaded via the official Playstore of the said regions.

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