My Activity Is Google’s Latest Service in Deleting User’s Search History

My Activity is Google's latest service in deleting user's search history. However, this service is only available to searches made in Google and related websites such as YouTube.

Google has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. This enables the search giant to track an individual's digital movements. Every search made and videos watched by the user are remembered by his or her Google account, according to the Huffington Post.

This is quite helpful since Google can customize the next search based on past actions. However, this can make a lot of users uneasy. In order to allay those fears My Activity was created.

Google users who would like to see and delete the searches and videos they watched in the past can go the My Activity website.

Once inside the site, the user can either be amazed or horrified to see how much past searches and videos watched have been collected by Google. Account holders can now proceed to delete the offending data by date or individually.

Privacy is a sensitive issue among Google account users. The company admits that it does collect data from its users but insists that these are kept private. Some data such as usernames and passwords are necessary to be stored in order for the users to log in to their accounts. Google also insists that it does not sell the user data it collects to third parties.

Once you remove the unwanted data from My Activity, users will need to go back to the site from time to time. To lessen such trip it would be better to increase the privacy setting of the browser being used. Google Chrome can be used to browse the internet in private through Incognito mode. Firefox has a similar service.

Online users who want a more private browser could use DuckDuGo, a search engine that does not follow the digital track of its user or so it claims.

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