iPhone 7 Images Leaked; Reveals Better Camera And Less Antenna Lines

The iPhone 7 is expected to release soon and the anticipation surrounding the same is at an all time high. The most recently leaked photos of the same seem to confirm old rumors, as well as grant a shallow wish. That is, that the iPhone 7 will sport an upgraded camera and will ditch the antenna lines found at the back of the iPhone 6.

As The Verge points out, the photos are not confirmed. If the photos are true, they are definitely of an earlier prototype of the iPhone 7. In fact, the "iPhone" branding is not even present on the device yet. However, one thing that does make the photo seem more legitimate is that the photos seem to be taken outside of a factory or computer screen.

The photo, which is only of the backside of the unit, indicates two things: a larger and better camera and fewer antenna lines.

The camera is bigger now, which could only mean a better camera in general. The sacrifice here, however, is that the bump is bound to be bigger as well. Tech Crunch does explain that a wider lens could mean better low-light performance. On the other hand, it has also been rumored that Apple will save the camera update for the iPhone 7 Plus.

If this is the case, Apple would be departing from their traditions. Annually, Apple's duo releases have sported the same camera module. The photo could debunk this rumor and prove that Apple is sticking with the similar camera settings per iPhone generation.

The other thing that is evident in the leaked photos is that Apple has redesigned the back, making it look much cleaner and sleeker. The company did this by removing the antenna lines that were running across the back of the iPhone 6. It seems that this time, there are only two antennas lines that run at the top and bottom curves.

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