Xbox Names New Manager For Asian Market; Bradley Hopkinson Tasked To Sell The Microsoft Console To PS4-Loyal Asian Gamers

Bradley Hopkinson is the Microsoft General Manager for the Asian market. As the company's representative, he is given the unenviable task of persuading a PS4 loving Asian market to switch to the Xbox One.

Microsoft has stop giving the numbers of Xbox consoles it has sold since late 2014. But a CNBC report estimated that around 18 million units have been shipped to consumers worldwide. In contrast, Sony has reported that it had delivered around 36 million PlayStation 4 units around the world since its debut almost three years ago. This means a ratio of 1:2 in favor of the PS4.

Experts said that the Xbox One is a bit expensive than the PS4. Microsoft also forced consumers to accept the bundled Kinetic. More importantly the European and Asian markets, particularly Japan are well known as PlayStation 4 territory.

Only the release of regular updates and attractive games has stopped the sales gap from increasing further. But that is all Microsoft could do for now. They have not given up on the Xbox One yet like they did on Nokia.

The Xbox One though, is well entrenched in its home market in the United States. Forbes reported that Hopkinson wants to expand the game consoles territory in Asia. He plans to do that by convincing PC gamers to switch to the Xbox One. The integration of Windows 10 to all devices including the PC and Xbox One has made his task easier.

Hopkinson said he has no intention of converting PS 4 gamers who are less inclined to buy another console. Instead, Microsoft will woo PC gamers from various Asian countries such as China and South Korea. The company will customize its sales strategies depending on the region.

Microsoft also plan to offer games that is both compatible to the PC and Xbox One. It's unclear however, how such strategy can boost the sales of the Xbox One consoles. Hopkinson said that it does not matter since either gaming platform chosen means a victory for them.

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