'Pokemon Go' More Popular Than Facebook Or Twitter; Successful Nintendo Revival Story

"Pokemon Go" players use the mobile app game more often than Facebook or Twitter, according to a recent survey. Such news is music to Nintendo which did not expect that a 90s game revival could be so successful.

As of now, "Pokemon Go" is only officially allowed in three countries namely, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The sheer number of players has caused the servers of App developer Niantic to crash. Similar Web reported that more Americans have installed the monster catching game than the dating App Tinder in the first days of its release.

It is believed that "Pokemon Go" will soon outpace social sites like Twitter in terms of apps being used every day. It is estimated that there are more than 20 million Americans playing "Pokemon Go" every day, according to a Survey Monkey report. Users also tend to spend a lot more time in the game than any of the other apps, even Facebook.

To be clear, "Pokemon Go" players only comprised about 1 percent of Facebook's reported 1.5 billion users. But the survey clearly paints a rosy picture both for Niantic Labs and Nintendo by the time "Pokemon Go" is unleashed worldwide.

The current craze has also helped Nintendo stocks jump by more than 20 percent. The Japanese company introduced Pokemon during the late 90s. The creatures were featured in comic books, television and video games back then.

It was U.S. based app developer Niantic Labs who came up with idea of combining augmented reality gameplay with Pokemon characters. This recent success may probably encourage the use of other similar Nintendo owned characters such as Mario for mobile gaming.

"Pokemon Go" is a mobile gaming app where players can catch monsters and trained them to fight other monsters. Players will need to move around the real world using their smartphones to locate and capture these Pokemons.

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