iPad Pro 2 Rumors: Apple To Upgrade Its Surface Pr0 Killer With A10X Chipset

Apple has a lot of things coming out this year, thus giving tech enthusiasts plenty to look forward to. One of them is the release of the A10X chipset. With this, any and all of Apple's upcoming gadgets will be the most powerful in its history. Fortunately, the chipset is expected to come in the iPad Pro 2, which is correspondingly expected to arrive in the first quarter of next year.

According to Ecumenical News, the official announcement is likely to come from Apple when the company shares iOS10. However, because the iPad Pro 2 is expected to come with the A10X chipset, the actual launch of the device will not come until next year.

The publication further claims that the new chipset will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor. And because mass production will not start until later this year, a 2017 launch date is definitely being eyed. Further, the current iPad Pro 9.7, was released earlier this year in March. Therefore, it is anticipated that the iPad Pro 2 will be arriving in March of 2017.

The iPad Pro 2 is also expected to come with 256GB of storage in a 9.7-inch display like the reigning iPad Pro. However, the next generation will be compatible with 4K videos. Further, the rear camera will be 12 megapixels and the front camera will be 5 megapixels. It is even possible that the device will come in a Rose Gold option, as Apple has been providing that option with all its recent releases.

Mac World adds that the new device is likely to have a display with True Tone and updated keyboard accessories. This is mainly because the iPad Pro line is targeted to sell to businesses. Therefore, the need for an efficient keyboard accessory is high on the priority list. Another thing that Apple might add in order to increase the efficiency of the device, is the option to display more icons in each screen. Of course, the upcoming iOS10 will come preinstalled on the iPad Pro 2 as well.

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