tvOS 10.0 News & Updates: Top 3 New Features; CBS News' Exclusive App

By Adie Pie , Jul 16, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Apple is updating the operating system of the Apple TV and is adding an entire list of exciting new features with tvOS 10.0. Further, CBS has partnered up with the company to create an exclusive new app, which should make the experience of the Apple TV more efficient and enjoyable.

As Mac World recalls, tvOS 10 was first showcased at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that was held last June. There, participants were able to view the changes that will be made, some of which follows:

1. Memories

In an attempt to make the Apple TV more efficient, Apple is putting in the Memories feature in the same. This way, users can have the device make digital albums based on location and faces.

2. The Remote App

The tvOS 10 update also comes with an all improved remote app. Siri is integrated into the same, so users need to only speak to their handheld's mic to make requests. Of course, users also have the option to just spell out the searches via the app's keyboard. The app should also come with sensors that will make the handheld capable of acting as a gamepad.

3. The integration of Siri

Apple is definitely making the virtual assistant available for all users, no matter what platform is preferred. But for those that already have Siri, Apple is making the feature better. With the tvOS 10 update, users can search for movie and series database with the help of Siri. Further, the feature is compatible with YouTube and live streaming searching as well.

According to Mac Rumors, Siri can also be used to launch the new and exclusive CBS app. For examples, users need to only say "Watch CBS News," and the app will start with the broadcast from CBSN. The app was designed specifically for tvOS 10 and creates stories and playlists for a specific user, in addition to the exclusive 24/7 streaming. The list is created via preferences and previously watched videos.

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