Tesla Autopilot Cars Are Not “Auto” After all

We've all wished that someday, we won't have to drive our cars and just sit back and sleep while on the road. While this may still be science fiction, Tesla has already introduced a vehicle that can at least be called "semi-auto". But how auto are we talking about here?

Tesla is recently under fire when one of its customers fatally met an accident after relying too much on the autopilot features of the car. This somehow raised doubts whether the market is really prepared for a fully automatic driving car which does not rely on human intervention. With the said accident, it seems that Tesla's autopilot technology is not auto at all.

Tesla For Safety

The company claims that the auto pilot cars, called semi-self-driving technology is not meant to completely replace the common sense and instinct of the car driver. Rather, it is available to support the driving lifestyle of the car owner.

According to BusinessInsider, safety is the primary reason why Tesla introduced the semi-auto pilot feature to relieve the driver from dividing his attention to simple but crucial driving activities. Many car experts agree that such supporting technology enhancement is the way to go to make cars safer.

In one example, the car's steering wheel supports a driver's motion by not guiding him on the right amount of steering curve. The feature is calibrated so that the driver won't be taking his hands off the steering wheel while turning.

Problem With Perception

In the general population, auto-pilot is perceived to be an advanced cruising mechanism of a car which completely strips a driver of the responsibility to engage on the road. This is the one thing that Tesla disclaims since their cars were not meant to replace human drivers.

It may still take several years for the society to see a completely auto pilot car according to USA Today. For now, the available technology for driver support should suffice for road safety considerations.

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