'NBA 2k17' Possible Features Explained; Game's Competitive Balance For Kevin Durant A Must Have

It is no secret that 2K Games will release "NBA 2k17" very soon. Nonetheless, the game's every possible feature is always worth investigating. After all, players are quite eager to know what they are about to experience. Moreover, with Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors, it is fascinating to see how the title will handle the competitive balance within.

First and foremost, "NBA 2k17" will still introduce the "Create a Team" feature. It was first showcased in "2k16" along with some roster resets and modes. Moreover, with this mode, players can easily upload custom renders for creating players on creating various rosters.

Another "NBA 2k17" feature likely to be added is the "New Classics Teams," as reported by SportsBlog. This alone will bring some nostalgia to players who want to enjoy the best of the oldies. They can easily enjoy the greatness of 2002 New Jersey Nets led by Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin. Or perhaps witness the madness of the 1975 Champions Golden State Warriors (Rick Barry).

While every possible feature can think of, "NBA 2k17" still has a lot to offer on the table. And yes, this could include a possible unbalance pace. Why? That is simply due to Kevin Durant's addition to Stephen Curry's Dub Nation. Take note that the Warriors are already a giant in the league, so adding the former Oklahoma City superstar is no understatement.

According to Forbes, such scenario is and should be one of the things that "NBA 2k17" has to handle. Simply put, picking the aforementioned team could lead to an automatic win with no sweat. And this is exactly what the Internet has been all about.

In the past, the "NBA 2k17" devs were reportedly having a bit of a problem capturing Curry's crazy shot-making tactics. And now, the studio's newest dilemma is handling the impending unbalance (though it is very unlikely for them to pacify it). But hey, fans will surely get to see what it is all about as soon as the game is released.

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