iPhone 7 Update: Apple To Include Wireless Ear Pods to Address Headphone Jack Issue

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 19, 2016 09:17 AM EDT

The iPhone 7 may possibly include the Lightning or wireless ear pods in order to solve the headphone jack issue. The upcoming Apple smartphone will no longer sport the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

BGR reported that Apple may decide to add the Lightning Ear Pods as an accessory to the iPhone 7. But there are also ongoing rumors that the company may simply decide to create a headphone specific to the upcoming smartphone. It seems that Apple is registering the trademark for its wireless headphone.

Apple tried to hide its "AirPods" trademark application through the use of a shell company called Entertainment in Flight LLC, according to MacRumors. This is a common company practice as a number of its trademarks like iPad underwent the same process.

The trademark application was signed by Entertainment LLC manager Jonathan Brown. However, further investigation revealed that Brown is possibly a legal counsel working for Apple.

Observers were able to ascertain that Apple applied an extension for the AirPods trademark. This indicates that the company is interested in protecting the name even if no specific product has yet been developed. The six month extension period can only be allowed for five times. Apple loses the trademark application if it could not produce the product by then.

This has fueled speculations that the iPhone 7 will be accompanied with AirPods upon its release. Even if that rumor is not true, the wireless headphone can be used for other Apple products.

Those who would like to use their old 3.5 mm headphones may resort to using dongles instead. A wireless headset however, will eliminate the cumbersome cables and allow users a greater degree of movement.

Observers believed that the iPhone 7 could be release as early as September of this year if Apple follows its normal cycle of new smartphone release.

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