'Pokemon GO' Cheats & Tricks: Acquire Pikachu As First Pokemon, Eevee Evolution Hacks And More!

"Pokemon GO" is certainly the most popular game that has ever graced the world of today. Fans all over the world are stoked to acquire the newest specie, walking around the streets and/or visiting other places. While the mechanic of the game is not entirely difficult, it is still best to have a handful of tips.

Acquire Eevee Evolution In "Pokemon GO" 

Without a doubt, lots of "Pokemon GO" players have been wondering how the so-called Eevee evolution process can be done. Well, there is actually a trick to that -- and it is really simple. They just have to choose one of the three Eevee nicknames and use it, according to Popular Science. These are namely Pyro (for Flareon), Sparky (for Jolteon) and Rainer (for Vapereon).

Catch Pikachue As First "Pokemom GO" Specie

When talking about "Pokemon Go" and the species involved, it is hard not to include Pikachu. And obviously, every fan wants to own it. Surprisingly, players can. Heck, it can even be their first ever Pokemon. The trick is to walk away from the starters -- namely, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. If players walk away from them, the aforesaid electric-type Pokemon can be acquired!

Dogs Are Indeed Man's Bestfiend -- Even In "Pokemon GO"

First and foremost, "Pokemon GO" players are limited to the so-called 20mph speed limit rule, as stated by Metro. This basically prevents them from utilizing cars, motorcycles and trains, among others, in hopes of beating the game. But hey, their dogs can actually be a perfect. Who says Blackie cannot be taken a walk downtown with the phone strapped on his back, right?

Catch Em' All "Pokemon GO" Species Without Even Walking/Runnng

Yes, "Pokemon GO" players can actually catch them Pokemons without walking even a single meter. How? They simply have to use the PokemonGOAnywhere add-on. However, this trick can only be done via iPhone - and if their device has been unlocked past the various Apple permissions. If so, they can just add it through Cydia where they can find the said add-on.

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