Seagate Reveals 10TB Consumer Hard Drive

Seagate has announced on Tuesday, July 19, the 10 TB Barracuda Pro, the world's largest capacity consumer hard drive designed for desktop users.

Seagate presented its new line of hard drives with storage capacity up to 10 TB on its company webpage. Seagate's 10 TB BarraCuda Pro will have a retail price of $535. According to PCWorld, the top of the line consumer hard drives are designed for surveillance systems, network-attached storage and desktops computers.

The 10 TB BarraCuda Pro is not only a high-capacity hard drive but also aims to be a high-performance hard drive. The storage device features an impressive 256 MB of cache. Rather than the typical lower-cost 5,400 rpm drives, the 10 TB Barracuda Pro spins at 7,200 rpm.

Computerworld reports that Seagate's high-capacity drives are dubbed the Guardian Series. In the consumer and small business category, they represent a 2 TB increase in storage capacity over the previous Seagate hard drives.

Aside of the BarraCuda Pro desktop drive, the Guardian Series consists of the Seagate SkyHawk for video surveillance systems and the Seagate IronWolf for network-attached storage (NAS) applications.

Seagate explained that for its line of consumer laptop and desktop hard drive, the company has resurrected the Barracuda brand. The name was replaced a few years ago with the "Desktop Hard Drive" brand. Seagate also changed the spelling of the Barracuda brand to "BarraCuda."

The BarraCuda Pro coming in capacities of up to 10 TB caters to PC enthusiasts.  The hard drive comes with a data transfer rate of up to 220 MB/s.

Seagate's BarraCuda Pro can sustain up to 55 TB of data writes per year, according to the company. Seagate offers a five-year limited warranty for the BarraCuda Pro, which is more than twice the typical warranty of two years for a BarraCuda HDD.

Seagate's BarraCuda Pro hard drive also comes with the company's proprietary Self-Encryption Drive (SED) technology. SED allows users to password protect data on the HDD and to change the encryption key to crypto-erase data.

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