Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors & News: Next Flagship To Feature Dual Screen?

Samsung is only on the brink of releasing the Galaxy Note 7, but there are already rumors on its following flagship. Reportedly, it will come with even more innovations and improvements on existing features.

Science World Report shares that the new device will be the next in Samsung's Galaxy S series. As such, it will be called the Samsung Galaxy S8. The publication goes on to further claim that the specs and features of the unit have already been patented by the Korean tech giant. This includes a dual screen feature, as well as a triple camera system.

The dual screen will naturally work two-fold and should work via a folding cover. One of the displays will be specific for the device's functionalities. That is, it will contain sensor devices, antenna devices, input devices and the like.

On the other hand, the triple camera system will sport layers of lenses. The first set will be two narrow lenses, in order to expand the view of the images. On the front camera will be wide-angled in order to focus on the face of the user. Likewise, this front-facing camera will also come with iris-scanning technology.

The iris-scanning technology of Samsung is set to debut in the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but will be improved on further in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Meanwhile, the fingerprint scanner will reportedly be moved to the back of the handset.

Further, Master Herald adds that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also have 4K display, which will definitely help Samsung cater to the public that is getting more and more interested in Virtual Reality.

The Galaxy S8 will be powered with the latest processor. If this does not mean Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor or its Exynos counterpart, it will be whatever follows after. In fact, it might even leave the incumbent Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge eating dust.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to release on April 2017.

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