NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Danny Ainge May Still Get Big Name Player

Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge is still looking and hoping he could a big name player for his team. Observers however, believed that such goal seems to be wishful thinking right now.

Trades among the various NBA teams are already winding down. Most of the big name players are either taken or unavailable for trade. The Boston Celtics though still have the cash to make one more trade, according to Basketball Insiders.

So far, the Celtics got Al Horford from the Atlanta Hawks. During the draft picks, the team got Jaylen Brown who seemed to have performed well at the Summer League.

Unfortunately most of the players they like to join either pick other teams or stayed put. There were rumors regarding the various players supposedly joining the Boston Celtics. Players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma Thunder were once rumored to join them.

Celtics player Jae Crowder told ESPN that he thought Kevin Durant was going to joined them in Boston. He was later shocked to learned that the former Oklahoma Thunder player decided to join the Golden State Warriors instead.

They even went to the Hamptons to visit Durant and convince him to join their team. Crowder said he also regretted telling him some of their play strategies.

Lately, Ainge is reportedly forward player Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately, the Jazz is uninterested. Another rumored player for trade with the Celtics is Greg Monroe of Milwaukee Bucks. However, there is little evidence to substantiate this.

The Celtics even reportedly tried to negotiate a trade with the L.A. Clippers for Griffin Blake. Ainge might still negotiate a trade with the Sacramento Kings for Rudy Gay. Again, nothing definite came out from these rumors.

Industry observers are not discounting the idea that the Boston Celtics may get the player that they want. Ainge still has time and the money for a good trade.

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