Mysterious Planet Nine Is Tilting The Solar System, Probably Twenty Times The Size Of Earth

With the recent demotion of Pluto as the ninth planet, another mysterious entity could possibly tilting the entire solar system due to its gravitational influence. The mysterious planet nine is assumed to be lurking around just in the periphery of the solar system and is tilting the sun and the planets from their axes.

Express UK mentioned the recent discovery of astronomers about a possible huge planet nine explaining why the solar system is lightly off balance. In most systems that have been discovered so far, planets that surround a host star rotate according to the former's axis. However, the planets in our solar system are at least six degrees tilted away from the sun. This only shows that there could be a bigger ninth planet outside the system that messes up with the planets' orientation.

NewScientist pointed out that there are other theories why the solar system is tilted. One would be a passing star that tugged the planets eons ago. In another theory, it could be the magnetic fields of the sun that interacts with the dusty disc that created the solar system. However, one speculation points out that the sun's axis remains the same, making it a possibility that there is a big planet nine outside of the solar system that causes the tilting.

While the existence of planet nine is yet to be proven, scientists believe that it could be twenty times the size of Earth in order to create such influence in the solar system. In terms of orbit, it is also assumed that it has at least 250 times the Sun to Earth distance at the farthest point, causing it to have an eccentric orbit. This property has led some to suggest that it was originally an exoplanet and was merely captured by our sun. The off balance in the solar system still needs to find a concrete cause until plane nine's existence is proven.

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