Marvel vs DC: 4 Most Highly Debated Comics Of 2016; Captain America, Batman & More!

Comic book writers and creators of famous characters like Batman and Captain America spark intense discussion among its followers. Marvel and DC both stir curiosity among fans.

In 2016, the most shocking news and intriguing plots surfaced. It's still a debate whether Marvel is more controversial than DC. Here are the biggest controversies in the comic book world this year.


As Batman tries to create peace for everyone, he tried to unravel the real identity of the Joker. The caped crusader's alter ego, Bruce Wayne, starts his mission.

He eventually discovered that there are actually three jokers. In Batman's entire career, he fought three different people who played the Joker. However, fans thought that that was just a costume change.

It turns out that there are really 3 of them and DC surely surprised its followers.


Marvel's superstar Spider-Man is now Mile Morales who is half black and half Latino. The alteration came after the disrupting events that followed the "Secret War". Many fans were happy with how Spider-Man is representing other cultures.

However, Marvel's writer Brian Michael Bendis disappointed fans when Spider-Man didn't want any recognition for his race.

DC Rebirth

"Watchmen" of Alan Moore is regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Its good reputation was tainted by the film adaptation, but loyal fans remain.

DC surprised its readers once again as they reveal that the "Watchmen" was behind Batman versus Superman and all the doom in the universe.

Marvel Civil War II

In Civil War II, Marvel brought a massive amount of catastrophe with the death of James Rhodes' War Machine, the death of Jennifer Walters' She Hulk and Bruce Banner's death. Controversies surround the death of another black character.

Another questionable figure is Clint Barton, who was advocating non-lethal aggression. He was the one who shot Bruce Banner.

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