'God Of War 4' Director Cory Barlog Likens Game To Marvel's Hulk; Title's Combat Offers New Perspective, Tactile Experience

"God of War 4" was considered as one of the most highly anticipated games this year. While many were stoked about its possibility, there were those who did not believe it will arrive. But alas, at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, Sony released its first official trailer. This alone confirms the existence of the game. And yes, it is looking to be a big hit. In fact, the game's director Cory Barlog likens the game to Marvel's colossal superhero Hulk.

In its most organic form, "God of War 4" differs from its predecessors in a lot of ways. Its setting now introduces a new one, the Norse mythology in particular -- a complete turn from the usual Greek mythology. Its gameplay offers a new style, while Kratos now wields an axe and has a son.

For Barlog, these "God of War 4" features have all been a product of his thoughts ever since. That instead of simply retelling the whole franchise, he wanted to give it a fresh new start. And most certainly, it will. The upcoming game will reportedly offer "new tactile experience" and combat, as players delve "deeper into the emotional journey of Kratos."

In the "God of War 4" story, Barlog wants to players to understand that the iconic character is not just about all things bad. That his life, in one way or another, is not merely centered on revenge, as reported by Crossmap. The new title will efficiently showcase Kratos' human side as well as his relationship with his son.

Simply put, "God of War 4" revolves around a father (Kratos) teaching his kid how to be a god, while the son teaches him to be a human (again). For Barlog, if the other installments is all about the story of Marvel's Hulk, the new game is now about Bruce Banner.

In related news, as reported here at iTech Post, "God of War 4" will a feature a new Progression System. This time around, players will have the opportunity to build Kratos according to their own preference. This alone will deviate from the typical sorts of levelling up and using the same abilities.

The new "God of War 4" Progression System is just one of the many features the game is said to introduce. More of these will soon be revealed in the coming weeks or so.

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