3D Movie Glasses No More, MIT Creates Screen That Renders Life Like Images

Are you fond of watching 3D movies both at home and in theaters? Now you can get away without the 3D glasses as MIT has recently invented a screen that makes images pop out in front of you. The MIT team has recently unveiled a screen that can render images and make them solid as they become life like.

Traditional 3D movies are using a pair of eyeglasses in order for the images to pop out from the screen. However, the team has created a panel that can produce 3D life-like images in all angles.

One application of the screen is directly available in movie theaters where 3D movie glasses will not be required anymore. A seat in the front as well as at the very back of the theatre will produce the same 3D effect results according to TechCrunch.

The MIT CSAIL team has partnered with Israel's Weizmann Institute for Science to create the screen based on a report from Engadget. The technology uses 3D cinema technique that involves multiple parallax barriers in a single display according to Engadget. A set of mirrors and lenses then project the images across the whole theater in various angles, enabling anyone in the area to see the same 3D movie effects.

While the current development of a 3D movie glasses have become stagnant for a while, the creation of a theater-wide 3D rendering may soon replace the technology. However, the screen size developed by the scientist is only the size of a paper as a prototype version.

One needs to develop a full pledged movie theater screen in order to get the benefits of a glasses-less 3D movie experience. Developing the same technology in a scale of a regular theater house would be expensive but is expected to find more technological support in the future.

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