Top 6 Netflix Original Movies, TV Series Airing August 2016: 'Project Mc2' Season 2, 'The Little Prince' & More!

There is a lot in store for Netflix this upcoming August and people are getting very excited already. Aside from airing many of the existing movies and shows to date, the streaming platform is also airing a lot of its originals. Here is a few of what is coming up this month, as reported by Forbes and further described by Netflix.

Netflix Original Series

"Project Mc2"

This August, Netflix will air the second season of its original series, "Project Mc2." This show tells the story of a teenage spy, McKeyla, who teams up with three other girls. Altogether, they use their abilities and smart skills in technology to save the day.

"Beat Bugs"

This Netflix original, entitled "Beat Bugs" is set to air on August 3. This is a story of five friendly bugs that will eventually experience the big world around them, and learn from those experiences as well. Their big world will be located just from their own backyard.

"Ever After High: Epic Winter"

"Ever After High" is a story of fairy-tale characters as kids who attend school altogether. The school that they attend to will consist of two cliques: those kids who accept their destinies in the fairy-tale world and those kids who choose to write their own. This August, Netflix will air their fifth season already.

"Puffin Rock"

 "Puffin Rock" is a story of a puffling Oona and her baby brother Baba meet friends and along the way of life, they learn more about nature, friendship and family. Netflix titled the series based on its setting, a place called "Puffin Rock."

Netflix Original Movies


A Netflix original movie, "XOXO" tells the story of six people whose paths cross at an electric dance music festival. These six people consist of one promising DJ, his loyal friend, a hopeless romantic, a has-been jaded person and a troubled couple.

"The Little Prince"

Everybody is familiar with the book of the same title, "The Little Prince" which is 1943 children's classic. Netflix version of the story will be voiced by Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams and Paul Rudd to name a few.

"David Cross: Making America Great Again"

This Netflix Original, "David Cross: Making America Great Again" is a provocative night of comedy at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. It talks about religious taboos, American swagger and a whole lot more.

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