NBA News: Golden State Warriors Pay Bargain Salary To Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors seemed to be paying bargain salary to Steph Curry despite his outstanding play. NBA observers point out that some less performing players are actually paid more.

Steph Curry received Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for two straight years. He also received a number of prestigious awards from the likes of ESPY and Nickelodeon. Logic dictates that should be receiving a salary equal to his status. His prodigious shots and powerful play enabled his team to win 73 games in the previous season.

Various NBA teams are handling out generous salaries in order to lure in all kinds of players. Some of them are reportedly less talented than Curry, according to The State Warriors greatest player finished the season with an average score of 30 successful shots, approximately 7 assists and at least 5 rebounds per game.

Curry's salary for the upcoming 2016-2017 season is around $12 million. However, there are reasons for this disparity of pay with the other NBA superstars. First, Curry signed up with the State Warriors three years ago. He is now in the final year of that agreement.

The NBA power player accepted a lower salary because he was suffering some injuries back then. Curry fans and admirers, however, seemed to believe that the State Warriors are unduly taking advantage.

Still, other power players are in the same boat as Curry. Besides, players such as Curry and Westbrook are expected to command a higher salary after their contracts expire. There are reports that Curry can expect a contract deal of around $40 million a season. That salary range can instantly raise him to top salary spot in the NBA.

Perhaps Curry can supplement his income with his endorsement of Under Armor products. The sporting goods company was delighted to report that sales of sneakers promoted by Curry increase by more than 50 percent, according to The New York Post.

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