'Attack On Titan' Season 2 News & Spoilers: King To Be Overthrown; Identities Of Colossal Titan & Armored Titan Revealed

The long-awaited season two of "Attack on Titan" is finally going to start airing early 2017. In line with that, there is a lot in store for their upcoming second season.

During the end of season one of "Attack on Titan," the Titans were introduced in the end. In connection to their existence, there is a big possibility that the second season will focus as well on the King being overthrown by the people. This will then result to rebellion, to be led by Captain Erwin Smith as reported by Movie Pilot.

There are also reports that the second season will most likely reveal the true identity of Krista Lenz. Christian Today reported that there have been speculations claiming that Krista is actually Historia Reiss, thus connecting her to the royal family. If the rebellion pushes through as speculated, Krista could possibly be crowned a new queen.

There hasn't been any confirmation yet as to what the second season has in store for the fans of "Attack on Titan," however the fans of the series have put together the clues based on the end of its first season.

There have also been reports claiming that the first half of season two will focus on the story of "Clash of Titans" which tells the story of Eren and his allies getting into battle with the wicked Titans.

This part of the story has been teased during the official poster for season two of "Attack on Titan" which presents the Survey Cops and Eren being in his Titan form and fighting the Colossial Titan, belonging to the wicked Titans he is set to be in a battle with.

There hasn't been any official report confirming the official date of release for the second season. However, there have been speculations that it may be launched sometime on March or April of 2017.

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