5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Windows 10 Before It's Too Late

There are plenty of reasons why some PC users have not updated to Windows 10, the most prominent one being unsure of the features that comes with it. While these individuals have gotten used to their current operating systems, there is plenty to gain from the update. The catch is, after July 29th, the update will no longer be free.

As Gizmodo shares, the update will cost $120 starting July 30th, so there is no time to second guess. Besides, there are plenty of benefits that come with Windows 10.

1. Edge, The Newbie Server

Internet Explorer is a thing of the past, though it is still available. But looking forward, Edge is here to take users on a new experience. It was built from the ground up and has Cortana Built right into it when Windows 10 is downloaded. This means that browsing is made easier, along with other searches. Further, it takes all the user's important information and showcases it all right from the beginning.

2. Cortana Moves In

Speaking of, Cortana is now available on the desktop and is the first virtual assistant to do so. Of course, users will be able to ask Cortana for requests such as directors, making a note and finding a good place to eat.

Further, Cortana crosses all Windows 10 platforms, so syncing is also available.

3. The Return Of The Start Button

Windows 10 comes with the comeback of the iconic Start Button. The live tiles found in Windows 8 now work well as shortcuts from the Start Menu. Of course, these can be removed, or expanded.

As such, personalization is much more varied.

4. Keeping Up The Stylus

Should users prefer to still use a stylus pen, Windows 10 has them covered. As always, the Surface Pen still quickly opens a list of features, including sticky notes, screen capture and sketchbook.

5. Facial Recognition

While passwords are standard, Microsoft 10 gives another option to unlock a device. That is, by facial recognition. This particular feature also extends to some choice applications.

PC World does warn a few things with the update though. That is, that users need to set aside at least two hours for the same and that some applications may be left behind during the process. Further, users need to make sure that their copy of Windows is officially licensed.

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