‘Pokemon Go' Cheat, Tricks: Niantic Beware, Video Show Latest GPS Spoofing Technology

"Pokemon Go" cheaters have tried various ways to get ahead of the competition. A recent video posted on July 25 showed the used hardware in using GPS spoofing technology to catch all the Pokemon creatures.

A YouTube user named jdsika, uploaded a less than3-minutee video showed the use of radio frequency (RF) proofed box. A smartphone is then placed in the box. The enterprising "Pokemon Go" players then use a signal generator to "fool" the Niantic server, according to Hackaday.

Google Earth and a simple joystick have been incorporated with special software to trick the "Pokemon Go" that a smartphone user is walking by constantly changing its coordinates.

Despite the impressive combination of hardware and software to GPS spoof the "Pokemon Go" game, not many are inclined to follow their cumbersome and complicated way. Technical skills involved and expensive hardware use is simply too much for the average would be cheater.

Laziness is the main reason why players resort to cheating. There are a number of GPS spoofing software programs that are far easier and convenient to install and use.

Cheating in "Pokemon Go" is still illegal and could get you banned, according to an earlier iTech Post report. Niantic can easily spot the "Pokemon Go" cheaters because GPS spoofing is not exactly a perfect tool, according to The Verge.

GPS spoofing works by virtually changing the location of the player from time to time. Niantic can easily catch on if you are cheating by comparing your phone's GPS signal to the accelerometer data. For example, a player would find it hard to explain how he could cover a thousand kilometers or more in a span of several seconds.

Still, the video did seem to show that "Pokemon Go" players only resorted to GPS spoofing because they could not go out and hunt the creatures in the rain.

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