British Player The First To Catch All Monsters In 'Pokemon Go' UK

A married father of four is the first British player to claim he was able to catch all the "Pokemon Go" monsters available in the UK version of the popular game.

According to the British publication The Telegraph, Sam Clark, from Southampton, Hampshire lost two stone as he walked 140 miles hunting for the virtual creatures in order to catch up all 142 characters in the game. The last Pokemon called a Lapras has been found by Mr. Clark "round the back of Primark."

The 33-year-old UK resident said that playing the "Pokemon Go" augmented reality mobile game has helped him lose weight. The father of four has been struggling with being overweight for nearly ten years.

Together with other "Pokemon Go" game enthusiasts, Mr. Clark also joined an 11-hour-long hunt for Pokemon monsters. He said that all the gaming experience has been great and his biggest joy is the fact that this has taken about four inches off his waist. The game helped him to lose two stones and now he "can barely fit into the same jeans."

According to BBC News, Mr. Clark also posted a video online showing his gaming experience in catching all 142 virtual monsters available in the UK when playing the game around Gosport and Southampton. The 33-year-old father of four explained that he had to spend "pretty much every waking hour" on the popular game since it was launched in the UK on July 6 in order to achieve his gaming performance.

The "Pokemon Go" mobile augmented reality game has already attracted millions of players worldwide. The game takes players on a quest to find virtual Pokemon monsters in real locations. For this reason, some have already praised the game for encouraging outside physical exercise, unlikely most other video games that are usually played inside.

Mr. Clark also said that besides completing the collection of all 142 Pokemon available in the UK, he was also able to catch a Tauros that is exclusive to the US. The British player had succeeded in hatching the Tauros Pokemon character from an egg.

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