GTA 5 Update: New Adversary Mode Called Entourage To Arrive In August?

As August enters, Rockstar Games is expected to release a new update for GTA 5. Among the features it offers is the so-called Stunt Race Creator, which is expected to arrive on the second day of the month. While little has been known yet, it is believed that players will be getting a brand new Adversary Mode, called Entourage. Here is what's going around the rumor mill.

The upcoming Stunt Race Creator is confirmed to arrive to GTA 5 come August 2. Many suggest that it will come in various forms of tunables, instead of the full update that almost every fan is expecting. So, in one way or another, it is only possible for new gears, weapons and apparels to be introduced.

Nonetheless, as reported by iDigital Times, it is actually very likely for a new GTA 5 Adversary Mode to be included. The speculations came from a deleted info courtesy of IGN. Fortunately, a member of the GTA forums named JediCowboy was able to ferret out the description.

It says that GTA 5 will have a brand new Adversary Mode, which is called Entourage. It will arrive along with the second part of the upcoming update. In its most organic form, it "pits a VIP player and their bodyguards against an opposing team of assassins."

The deleted description also mentions about GTA 5 players having to cross the map all the way to a randomized point - only that they must not be killed by assassins. In a general sense, this is the primary goal of the Entourage Adversary Mode.

It is not clear, however, if the aforementioned mode will arrive in GTA 5 come August 2. Nonetheless, the community is leaning towards a release window sometime in the third week of the month. This is to basically act as a bridge between Stunt Race Creator and the new rumored DLC called Biker Gang.

The said GTA 5 DLC, as previously reported here at iTech Post, is somewhat expected in August. While the exact release date remains unknown, it is speculated to have been in the development phase ever since. As the name suggests, players will reportedly gain access to bikes as they form a team and acquire territory.

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