Rumors Suggest Nintendo NX Will Use Nvidia's Tegra Platform

By Victor Thomson , Aug 01, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

One of the latest leaks surrounding Nintendo's upcoming NX console suggest that the interesting product will stand apart by being a portable console based on Nvidia's Tegra technology. Nintendo fans are still waiting for official news on the upcoming NX gaming platform and the hype surrounding the console is continuously growing. The NX could prove to be one of Nintendo's most interesting products.

The HotHardare website claims some exclusive information about Nintendo's NX upcoming gaming console. According to the website, if the rumors are true, Nintendo NX will be a portable unit that will allow docking as a console. The NX gaming console would be able to connect to a TV as well.

The same website claims that Nintendo NX might be the first gaming console powered by Nvidia's Tegra X1 or a Tegra Pascal based chip instead of an AMD chip.  While the Tegra X1 variant might sound interesting because this is a powerful chip, it is also an aging chip. The Pascal-based Tegra rumor might be even more interesting. Either way, the Nvidia NX platform could deliver a quality gaming experience.

Up to date, the Nvidia's Shield Android TV is powered by the same Tegra chip. With its new-found Plex Media Server capabilities, the unit's specs and features are well established, allowing streaming of full-fledged PC games to the device. Tech experts speculate that, with Nvidia's Tegra chip, the NX could also also capable of featuring cloud gaming.

According to Forbes, an NX console powered by Nvidia Tegra would be a very interesting concept for an Android-based Nintendo gaming platform. Nvidia's GPU technology and in particular its Tegra mobile system-on-chip platforms based on ultra-powerful Pascal architecture and a new 16nm FinFET manufacturing process offers  impressive performance-per-watt characteristics.

Nintendo did not confirm anything yet, so at this point it is still all speculation. However, such features would certainly make the Nintendo NX a very unique concept of gaming platform.

If Nvidia would base the upcoming NX console on the Tegra, however, there would be some downsides. In this case, the great Wii and Wii U backwards-compatibility capabilities would probably not be found in the upcoming Nintendo NX. 

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