Instagram CEO Admits Copying Snapchat Feature: Snapchat Deserves The Credit

Instagram has recently launched a new feature on their famous social media app that highly similar to that of Snapchat. Instagram followed Snapchat's feature on posting photos online that will automatically be deleted from the application 24 hours later.

As it can be recalled, Mark Zuckerberg initially made a bid to buy Snapchat for $3 Billion at least three years ago, but failed. Now, Snapchat is one of the wildly used social media app by today's generation. Its feature on posting "stories" and having them deleted after 24 hours made it more exciting for the young people to use.

Just recently, Facebook's Instagram division recently launched a feature on their social media app that is highly similar to Snapchat: posting photos and deleting those 24 hours later, according to Los Angeles Times.

Instagram Stories announced this launch last Tuesday, introducing the self-destructing message structure that has been the core of Snapchat's launch of it back in 2013. In addition to this, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom admitted to crediting Snapchat for such feature, as reported by Tech Crunch. This indicated his admission on copying the feature from the Snapchat idea.

When the name of Snapchat was mentioned during the interview, before the panel could even ask the question, Systrom already said "Totally. They deserve all the credit." This has been a first of instances as such that one actually admits to base the idea from someone else's.

Reports claim that Facebook has already copied ideas from other social media apps including the use of hashtags from Twitter and many others. When they were previously asked where they have gotten these ideas, they always just say that they are simply just observing the behaviors of the community, never really crediting anyone for such actions.

This has been a first for Facebook and/or Instagram representatives to accept and admit that they have gotten the idea of their features from someone else.

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