'Limitless' News and Updates: Fans Continue To Push For Sequel

Despite the confirmation of "Limitless" being cancelled, fans have not lost hope for the show. Currently, a petition has been started in hopes that a sequel might still be picked up.

Showrunner Craig Sweeny has already confirmed that "Limitless" will no longer be renewed for a second season. However, this announcement has not stopped fans from hoping that it will still be picked up sometime soon. With that, they have created a petition online to prompt CBS to renew the show, as reported by Movie News Guide.

Until now, there hasn't been any word on the effect of their petition just yet. However, fans are already anticipating a storyline for when it comes to light. They are in the hopes that the second season will explore Brian's relationship with Senator Morra, and find out what happened to the latter during the finale of the first season.

Fans believe that it has been exhausting how networks produce good shows during the first season only to have it cancelled, according to Game and Guide. This has led to the fans to believe that it is not right to do such thing, since it has not given a proper ending to the show's characters.

The petition has now reached 9,000 supporters, exceeding their initial goal of only 3,000 signatures. Others also hope that if the show will not be renewed for the second season on CBS, it may be renewed on other networks.

These actions have proved that avid fans of the show "Limitless" will not stand idly by on the side and not go down without a fight. It has been a while since the confirmation of the show being cancelled was released, and yet they have not given up hope for the show to be picked Up, regardless of the network which will air it. 

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