'Rick and Morty' News And Updates: Season 3 Gets Claymation Promo

More updates of "Rick and Morty" have come around social media already and this has led the fans to anticipate the premiere of the third season even more. The network also came up with a cool way to advertise the show, which is currently in the works.

Aside from the confirmation that "Rick and Morty" season three is set to premiere this year already. More updates of the show's third season have been revealed during the San Diego Comic Con and it does not end there.

Since the premiere of "Rick and Morty" season three is already near, Adult Swim has come up with creative ways to market the show, according to iDigital Times. An official twitter account of the series "Rick and Morty" gave the followers a sneak peek of its upcoming advertisement.

It has been revealed that a new Claymation is currently in the works to market season three of "Rick and Morty" and this has just gotten the fans more excited than ever. A big fan of the series, Dieter Wagner of KingFuDork Studios created many fan-made short films of the series, which has caught the attention of the creators of the show.

According to MNR, this has led the creators to call the fan and assigned him to create "The Misadventures of "Rick and Morty" episodes online. This has become one of the creative ways to market and advertise the show.

Although there hasn't been an official date yet for the premiere of the "Rick and Morty" season three, the teasers have fed the excitement of the fans. The promotional videos and short films have been a great way to advertise the series.

After the panel at Comic Con was conducted, new episodes of "Rick and Morty" have been confirmed. More details of the series will be coming out as the release date is getting closer.

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