Climate Report: Land And Sea Hottest Ever In 2015

A surge of 1.0 degree centigrade warmer than pre-industrial times was recorded. More than 450 scientists worldwide confirmed that 2015 is the world's warmest year on record. 

According to the State Climate report, published by the American Meteorological Society, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide were the dominant greenhouse gases on rampage into the Earth's surface. Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii reported that the greenhouse gas concentration exceeded 400 parts per million, making it the highest on record.

The increase of temperature was partly due to the seasonal El Niño. Last year's warm climate pattern was one of the strongest since at least 1950 advanced into 2015 and it was sustained throughout the year. These two factors has resulted to the continuous warming of the world's temperature. The long-term change and El Niño event become apparent to the numerous impacts on climate change. 

This led to the melting ice pressing sea level to the highest ever. An increase of 70 mm (23/4 inches) above was recorded in 1993. The sea level has risen at an average of 3.3mm (0.15 inch) per year for the past two eras. Western Pacific and Indian Ocean enlarged the highest.

Thomas Karl, director of the NOAA's National Centers for Environment Information, stated that the occurrence of last year's El Niño was a prompt notice of a speedy incident that can intensify the relative influence and impacts stemming from longer-term global warming trends. This event caused to different catastrophic conditions that affected most parts of the world. 

In the years 2007 and 2011, Artic land surface temperatures were the highest that steered to the reduction of sea ice disturbing marine life. 

However, the climate pattern will likely be greater this year. This will soon produce larger global effects on surface and sea temperature, which could become another record-breaking warmest year according to preliminary studies.

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